Hipstamatic Frenzy on The Isles of Scilly

I have just arrived back from shooting on the Island of St Martins for Coast Magazine. St Martins is the northernmost populated island of the Isles of Scilly, it is a truly beautiful place to be. The weather was fantastic for most of my stay until I wanted to fly back and then the dreaded coastal fog appeared stranding me for 24 hours. When this happens everything stops, nothing can be flown in or off the Islands, it is a case of just sitting it out and waiting for it to clear ! Whilst I was on St Martins I was keeping a record of the island with the Hipstamatic camera which is an iphone app, great little camera. For the hipstamatic fans out there my favourite lens film combination is the John S Lens & Ina’s 1969 Film.

Here are a few images taken

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