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It’s a waiting game

So often on my shoots I find myself waiting for the perfect weather conditions. On this particular shoot at Boughton House in Northamptonshire, I had visited twice in order to get the right conditions, a light dusting of frost, good light and still. The commission is for Gardens Illustrated Magazine and my brief is to shoot the recently finished Landscape Garden called Orpheus by Kim Wilkie. We had a cherry picker booked so I could shoot from an extremely high vantage point taking in the entire landscape. I arrived at Boughton House nice and early to see that a good inch of snow had fallen over night covering the garden, this was not what I had ordered! Anyway, I managed to recce the view knowing I would be returning in a weeks time when hopefully the conditions will be in my favour.

Well two weeks later the conditions were perfect and you will be able to see the final set once they have been published in February 2011.

On my last evening at the garden I was told about the west front of the house lighting up like a beacon as the last rays of golden light hit the windows, this I had to see and capture. Here are a couple of pics taken with my iphone as I patiently waited.