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Morecambe Bay Shrimps

Here are a couple of images taken from a feature shot for Coast Magazine. The family business was started by owner Les Salisbury, who originally would have gone out with a horse and cart. A tractor has now replaced the horse but apart from that everything has remained the same.

National Trust Fine Farm Produce Awards 2011

For the past couple of years I have been commissioned by The National Trust to photograph the Winners of the Fine Farm Produce awards with another great photographer William Shaw.  The work is split between the two of us and we cover the entirety of England and Wales, it’s quite a shoot ! Meeting these fantastic producers and tasting their food makes up for the fact I spend most of the week rolling around in cow muck, herding sheep with a tripod leg and having my ankles bitten by pesky pigs. I even managed to unwittingly steal a farm dog, it wasn’t until I was half way down a lane that I heard an unusual sound coming from the back of my car, it somehow managed to get in whilst I was packing !

Here are some of the winners I photographed this year

International Garden Photographer of the Year 2011

I am very happy as I have just had my portfolio submission put through as a finalist for International Garden Photographer of the Year. The work will be on show at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, on May 14th 2011. There will be follow on exhibitions through to 2012 at Wakehurst Place, Lacock Abbey, Ironbridge, Shropshire and Exeter.

The work titled  “The hands that pick the food that I eat” was shot as a personal project after completing a similar commission for a chain of garden centres.

Celebrity Chefs

This is a small selection of shots taken from a shoot for BBC Haymarket at their summer show. We set up a studio in the green room at the NEC and ploughed through as many celebrity chefs as we could in a two day period. Haymarket organised for props to be delivered from producers at the event and everything ran smoothly!